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About Shyft

Shyft Strategies was born from a desire to inspire business leaders to embrace their capacity to drive positive sustainable change – creating inclusive cultures where everyone can thrive, where innovation flourishes, and where biases and barriers are recognized and diminished. The status quo is anything but, as social dynamics shyft historical values, practices and expectations.  We believe that in the future, consulting firms will evolve from the traditional professional development, change management, and diversity training platforms to better serve these environments that can be debilitating to an organization’s success.


Today, Shyft Strategies distinguishes itself by synthesizing components of these legacy consulting practices within a sociological framework to help organizations build social awareness as an asset to navigate evolving social dynamics. Yes, it is complicated and layered; there is no one-size-fits-all approach.  So, ask yourself, will you be better off, in addition to managing profit margins and balance sheets, if you build social awareness and human capital stewardship, increasing engagement, retention, diversity and productivity?  Engage Shyft Strategies to prepare your organization for shyfting the status quo.




Kristin Heck Sajadi

Founder Shyft Strategies, LLC

Sajadi is a business leader, a sociologist, and a social awareness entrepreneur. She has been synthesizing the study of society and social dynamics with business practices for over twenty-five years. She founded Shyft to inspire leaders, teams, and organizations to build social awareness as an asset and tool to seize the opportunity to positively impact their organizations and communities.