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About Shyft

Shyft Strategies was born from a desire to inspire business leaders to embrace their capacity to drive positive sustainable change and create cultures where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

 As we look around us, it is not hard to see that things are changing. So, how can we adapt? How can we capitalize on the reality of shyfting social dynamics? How can we embrace awareness to lead effectively?

Effective leadership requires compassion and wisdom, vulnerability and trust, along with the ability to reevaluate thinking. But no one can lead with these essential skills without a foundation in social and self-awareness.

Awareness is essential for meaningful and effectve leadership and for sustainable change. Yet, it is often missing from traditional leadership development and training programs

Social awareness is the key to understanding how social life, social structures, and human behaviors shape society. It enables us to see things from another perspective and to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. It equips us to connect the dots between individual experiences and larger systemic patterns. In addition, awareness reveals how our own lived experiences shape our own views of the world while also showing us the limits of our own lens. 

Today, Shyft Strategies distinguishes itself by synthesizing components of traditional consulting practices within a sociological framework to help organizations build social awareness as an asset to navigate shyfting social dynamics.

As leaders, we possess the intellectual capacity, expertise, and innovative capabilities to truly make the world a better place. It is our responsibility to be socially aware, to create environments where everyone can thrive, to lead our organizations into the future, and to build up the communities in which we do business.




Sajadi is a business leader, a sociologist, and a social awareness entrepreneur. She has been synthesizing the study of society and social dynamics with business practices for over twenty-five years. She founded Shyft to inspire leaders, teams, and organizations to build social awareness as an asset and tool to seize the opportunity to positively impact their organizations and communities.