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Shyft Series

A series of educational seminars introducing components of the SHYFT5 paradigm so organizations can begin the process of shyfting beyond biases, blind spots, and barriers that disrupt workplace culture.


Shyft Seminar

Engaging topic-driven educational seminar. Reveals the connections between subject matter ripped from the headlines and its effect on individual perspectives, corporate culture and social dynamics.



Shyft Workshops

Half-day to multi-day program introducing participants to techniques to connect the dots between what is and why to shyft to what can be and how.



Shyft Keynote

Custom-tailored address designed to inspire individuals to openly assess their cultural lens, to encourage building awareness as an asset and to move beyond the status quo.



Shyft5 Consulting

SHYFT5 TM is a comprehensive consulting model for leaders, teams, and organizations facing crises and challenges to forge a foundational direction shyft.



Without courage we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can’t be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest.


Shyft Series

The Shyft5 educational seminar series illustrates how individual perspectives and thinking shape teams and corporate culture. The fact is, interpersonal dynamics are at the heart of company diversity, inclusivity, engagement and productivity. The Shyft5 educational seminar series is an excellent introductory course for organizations seeking to harness the power of social awareness and navigate evolving social dynamics. Each session typically lasts forty-five minutes to one hour and can be delivered in a series of three to six customizable sessions.

Shyft Seminars

Shyft Seminars spark conversations about the impact of external challenges in society at large on internal social dynamics. Seminars are timely, limited-edition presentations, designed to encourage and inspire individuals, teams, and organizations to think critically about social structures and the impact they have on internal culture. Each seminar lasts approximately one hour. Shyft Seminars are the perfect environment for teams and companies to open up dialogue and ignite ideas that enrich corporate culture long after the event is complete.

Shyft Workshops

Shyft Workshops are half-day to multi-day events that build social awareness as a business asset. Utilizing an intensive approach, Shyft strategists guide attendees through sociological thinking and research to arm teams and individuals with the skills to build empathy, inclusion, and engagement. Workshops are the perfect environment to encourage the personal reflection and courageous introspection needed to raise the bar on leadership, teamwork, and company culture. Whether held on-site or at an off-site experience, Shyft Workshops focus on overcoming biases, barriers, and crises and on constructing a strategic toolkit that drives positive change.

Shyft Keynoting

Shyft Keynotes are the perfect complement for any event structured to inspire, to build awareness, or to encourage change. Keynotes help frame the need to Shyft and introduce the SHYFT5 paradigm. They open the door to more open and honest dialogues among teams. They inspire and motivate attendees to think critically about how they see the world. These short addresses are timely and topical – blending sociology and business ideologies to address leadership, communication, gender, diversity, and worldview.

Shyft Consulting

Our most comprehensive program, SHYFT5 Consulting is tailor made to help your team to comprehensively achieve your unique goals. Wherever traditional methods don’t seem to budge the status quo, SHYFT5 Consulting can close the gap for leaders and organizations. Designed for short or long-term engagement, SHYFT5 Consulting incorporates a variety of approaches to create a foundational direction change. Utilizing methods from the SHYFT5 TM paradigm, your organization will find new and innovative ways to create meaningful professional development, social awareness, greater diversity, positive communication and sustainable change.


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