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Why we do what we do

Our Mission Statement

One leader, one management team, one company at a time – introduce the power of social and self-awareness to drive positive sustainable change. Shyft the environment in which organizations operate. Redefine business trajectories. Help individuals and companies re-imagine their role in society.

Our Philosophy

Empower others to be a positive force of social change. The challenges that we face today, as a society, seem daunting and overwhelming. But we cling to the philosophy that we are all in this together and what each of us chooses to do matters. Connecting the dots between the reality of what is with the possibilities of what can be allows us to start to shyft. As leaders, we have the capacity and capabilities to look beyond balance sheets, to address equity, and to help others reach their full potential. Our role is to leverage our sociological knowledge and experience to help you harness the power of awareness.

Our Values

COURAGE. We Strive to Make a Difference through Bold Action and Forward Thinking. INNOVATION. We Challenge the Status Quo and Focus on Adapting and Adjusting. GROWTH. We Consistently Acquire Knowledge to Support our Mission and to Support our Clients. COMPASSION. We Act with Empathy. We hold Humanity in the Highest Regard and the Utmost Importance. LEADERSHIP. We Believe in the Power of Leaders to Inspire Positive Impact. We Help Others Achieve their Best through Insightful Guidance.

Keynote / Seminar / Workshop Sample Topics:

Building Social Awareness as a Business Asset.
Helping Organizations Navigate and Capitalize on Today’s Social Dynamics.

Building Awareness


  • Why Do the Words We Choose Matter So Much?
  • Why Diversity Isn’t So Black and White.
  • Conversations About the Problems that Plague Us All.
  • Why Embracing Diversity is No Longer Enough.
  • How Do We Harness the Power of Social- and Self-Awareness to Overcome Bias and Blind Spots?

Overcoming Obstacles


  • Take Control of Unconscious Bias
  • Defeat Blind Spots Before They Create Crises for You and Your Organization
  • Triumph Over Resistance Preventing You from Shyfting the Status Quo
  • Conquer the Limitations of Cultural Fit
  • Foster Inclusion to Overcome Blind Spots and Barriers to Innovation

Shyfting the Status Quo


  • Transform Thinking and Actions to Shyft Culture
  • Embrace Your Capacity to Shyft as a Leader
  • Create a Culture Where Everyone Thrives
  • Capitalize on Today’s Social Dynamics
  • Shyft5 TM Solutions (Custom Solutions to Tackle the Challenges Preventing You and Your Organization from Reaching Full Potential)

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