Every January, I love reading articles and posts about how different people find inspiration and set new goals.

Because inspiration fuels intellect, emotions, and creativity.

Life is short and what we choose to do matters.

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…To build a better world,

to make a real difference,

we have to take bigger risks,

make bigger bets.

And if we fail and fail again,

We have to get right back up and dream even bigger.

To live in a world worth living in,

we have to let challenge inspire us.

We have to take risks, be bold, and fail forward.

We have to Be Fearless.

Be Fearless, by Jean Case


Find Inspiration

Inspiration is powerful. It is intertwined with feelings of meaning and purpose. And it can motivate us to act.

The biggest challenge with being inspired is figuring out how to channel it. Because inspiration is everywhere.


For me, something as simple as a song by Alicia Keys or a commercial by P&G can inspire me to want to do more. Because they are embracing their ability to use their platforms to positively impact others.

They are calling attention to issues that we, collectively, are capable of addressing.

As individuals, teams, and organizations, we possess the capacity and capability to positively impact people beyond profit margins and balance sheets; we just have to embrace it.

That is why, it is so important to spark conversations, to connect people, and to build awareness. At these moments, when we become inspired, we have tremendous opportunity to create real change.

P&G Olympics 2018

Awareness leads to action. And action leads to change.

So, what inspires you? What could you accomplish if you embraced your inspiration?

The Compound Effect

Can you imagine what we could accomplish if we each made a choice to make a difference? The compound effect would be astounding.

Think about the positive impact a simple shyft could have on employees or the communities in which we do business. Think of the social problems that we could address.

We must not be afraid to stand up for what we believe in, to make the right choices. And when millions and millions of people make ethical choices, this will, cumulatively, move us toward a better world.

Jane Goodall (Foreword, Be Fearless)

Embrace Inspiration

As human beings, we are meant to change and to improve as inspiration strikes, as we learn and grow.

We all have the ability to positively impact others. It just takes choice. Becoming aware of the reality that is and why, empowers us to make choices to shyft.

Transformation doesn’t happen unless you’re willing: it’s your choice.

Oprah Winfrey

Because if we don’t embrace our ability to be more socially aware, to create environments where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, or to build up the communities in which we do business, who will?

Best wishes for the new year to be the best inspired you!

Cheers, Kristin

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Kristin Heck Sajadi, Social Awareness Educator, Social Dynamics Consultant, Founder, Shyft Strategies, LLC

Sajadi is a sociologist, entrepreneur and developer of the Shyft5 TM program – helping individuals and organizations build social and self-awareness as an asset to shyft the status quo.

Shyft5 TM program tackles challenges and builds awareness—the benchmark for effective communication, productive interaction, and thriving cultures in today’s organizations.

At Shyft Strategies, we help you uncover the unconscious thinking and actions that create obstacles and barriers. We help you navigate today’s new business and human capital reality. The first step to moving forward is increasing awareness. Awareness isn’t just learning a new fact or statistic. It is connecting the dots between the reality of what is and why, so that we can consciously and cognitively shyft to what can be and how.