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Become a Better Leader in 2022.

To be an effective leader today, you must be aware of the contradictory elements of human nature. You must seek to understand how two different people can read the same legal brief or attend the same board meeting, yet walk away with completely different interpretations.

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Can We Talk about Ignoring the Impacts of Hidden Bias?

Ignorance can be bliss, but our ignorance of our own hidden bias can cause very real and problematic consequences. In order to overcome the barriers created by bias, we must actively work to uncover it and overcome it.

Why Shyft? Why Now?

How would it feel to do something great? How would it feel to reach outside the confines of the status quo to have a positive impact? How would it feel to stay ahead of the curve and to set the standard for your organization?   As leaders, we possess


Travel is More than a Trip

In today’s burnout culture, 1 out 4 professionals never or almost never take all their vacation days. 1 in 3 feels uncomfortable requesting vacation time. 77% of professional employees say that they experience burnout and over 40% of workers have left jobs because of it